Is online dating destroying love? </3


“Every era has its own utopian possibilities: ours is the chance to make our lives more bearable through technology.” says Emily Witt. Without doubt, the internet now composes an irreplaceable part of people’s lives. Since 1995 when was launched, people use the internet for finding partners by registration in dating sites. The most popular ones are,, or . The question is why singles find it easier to communicate and flirt online rather than offline. Is it simpler to approach the opposite sex on the internet? Do people find it less complicated to chat with strangers on dating sites or apps? What are the problems, are there any risks related to them? Is this the future of relationships?

According to a study 85% of singles say that meeting people through online dating is socially acceptable. And 67% of singles know couples who’ve met through online dating. To begin with, when a person is on the internet he can relieve his true self and be 100% honest, because he will communicate with someone who doesn’t know anything about him and has never seen him. Also, online there is no shines or fear that the person sitting on the other side of the computer is not looking for a relationship. The simple act of registering in a dating site means he is. Online dating offers the chance to remove obstacles such as distance, work field or time and offers users millions of potential partners.  Dating sites are growing at 70% a year in the US, which undoubtedly increases the opportunity to meet the man/woman of your dreams. Of course, not every date is going to be worth it, and surely not every person met online will take part of your life. Tinderella (the name of the dating app Tinder+ well known fairytale princess Cinderella) and Soon2becatlady are bloggers who posts their dating stories or interesting, creepy and funny messages that they have received online. They update their blogs frequently, give advices on how to communicate best in dating sites/apps and answer reader’s questions.

Women like them know that even if there are thousands people registered in a particular date site or app is it extremely hard to find someone who is worth spending time with. Although, these types of sites have an algorithm-based service or in other words, the match is based on a questionnaire that each person has to complete before making a profile, they are not 100% accurate. Another issue is that there are so many profiles which make it absolutely impossible to choose from. Usually, most people try to represent themselves as perfect. In their description they are likely to write things like charming, good-looking, with stable job, good sense of humor, sporty. Ariely, professor of psychology and behavioral economics suggests the main problem is that dating sites assume that if you have seen a person’s photo and have read his profile information you know everything about him. And this statement can’t be more wrong. He comments: “They think that we are like digital cameras, that you can describe somebody by their height and weight and political affiliation and so on. But it turns out people are much more like wine. When you taste it, you could describe it, but it’s not a very useful description. But you know whether you like it or not. And it’s the complexity and the completeness of the experience that tell you if you like a person or not.” This is one of the reasons why a lot of people don’t find online dating effective. Besides all that, the risk that people are not always who they present to be cofffnstantly exists. For example, you may think that you are chatting with 25 years old blonde female while on the other side of the computer is sitting a 64 year old unemployed male. With reference to this, In 2012 was the premier of the American reality TV show Catfish which talks about the truth and lies in online dating. Each episode follows the story of two people who met through social media from their first chat until they meet face to face. Sometimes the story has a happy ending and others, like stated before the person that shows up has nothing to do with the online profile he made for himself.

To sum up, online dating sites fill people with both hopes and disappointments and will probably continue to do so in the future. No matter how many risks they conceal, they are the new way people find love and create sustainable relationships.

Are online dating sites increasing chances of finding Prince Charming? Or maybe they are only increasing chances of passing him by while we are in front of the computer and he is sitting in the bar downstairs looking… for us? Each person can decide for himself.

Me? I decide to agree with Ariely and his theory of wine. So please, excuse me but I will go downstairs to get a glass of wine. And then … who knows 😉