Why is digital media awesome

In most of my previous posts I have discussed the negative side of digital and social media, so today I decided to focus on its advantages.

First, we have the obvious: communication. Social media gives the opportunity to connect with people all around the world, live and most importantly free. Also, you can see a part of each person’s life- what he ate for breakfast, where he went during the summer, his new dog etc. It’s great to see if you have common interests with someone and it is possible that a random person inspires you to do something just by looking at his instagram account, for example.

Take a look at this fit couple that travels the world because of the boy’s job of a professional photographer. Of course, he films all of their adventures and then uploads them to his Youtube channel or Instagram. Personally, this couple inspired me to travel and see the world and to hope that someday I will be able to visit all those beautiful places and watch the sunset in Hawaii, for instance.

Second, you can express yourself and show the world who you really are. You can share your favourite music, upload your own photographs, poems, etc.

Third, it can provide you with a career. There are thousands of youtubers who make huge amounts of money just because they film themselves and upload videos online. Also, there are people who get paid to write blogs. Martin Lewis, for example, started his newsletter blog in 2003, shared it with friends and family, and in 2012 sold the resulting website to Moneysupermarket.com for £87million! Another good example is Arianna Huffington who set the blog Huffington Post in 2005. By 2010 the site is believed to have made revenue of 31 million dollars, according to New York Times.

Lastly, digital media can always brighten your day, make you laugh and feel more positive. There are tons of funny websites, videos and pictures that you can find online. If that doesn’t help, you can always find someone to talk to and to relieve the stress. I hope this post will make you appreciate digital media because it really is an awesome place where you can get inspired, meet new people, be creative, share, cry, laugh and enjoy the world and all its colours.



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